Architecture Terms beginning with A

Architecture Terms beginning with A, Gothic Style Architecture Glossary of Architectual Terminology starting with letter A from Almery and Aisle to Abacus and Arch  From Perpendicular gothic architecture to Victorian Gothic Architecture Style we have a look at all the different art elements from stone carving and masons designs to symbolic elements and stained glass window pictures.

Gothic Architecture Terms, Gothic Style Architecture Glossary of Architectural Terminology used to describe the various featured encountered within this type of building construction. Do you know what an almery was used for ? Do you know the difference between a one column and two column ailse within english church design. lets find out in our architecture glossary

Using this Architecture A to Z Gloassry we hope to include as many different architecture sketch book designs to illustrate the various architectural terms and architecture definitions found in the styles presented. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words and when trying to find inpiration for CAPI art students some small design element featured in a medieval design can provide a useful jumping off point for further exploration

Architecture Terms beginning with A

Gothic Architecture Glossary based on the technical terms descriptive of Gothic Architecture first published around


abacisci - plural

  • " Abasiscus - small tesserae, or square stones, for tessalated pavements
  • small square tablets, or brackets , used to support vases, and other ornamental objects " DOTAAA



  • "a small table or desk"  DOTAAA

Architecture Terms beginning with A

LAT. abaque, or abacus French Abaco Italian , Der Rechentish - German

Architecture Terms Abacus- Architecture Sketch of Abacus Column Design
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  • "The uppermost member or division of a capital.

  • Abaci are generally classified by form. In the early english style the Abacus is most common circular; it is however, sometimes octagonal, and occasionally square, but not frequently in England , except early in this style. "

  • " The upper member, or division , of a capital on which the entablature, in classical architecture , rests. " DOTAAA


 Ala ecclesiae, Lat.

L' Aile de l'eglise, French

  • "The lateral division of a church, or the other building in which the main vessel is split lengthwise by a row of columns into two or more divisions.

  • If there is one row of columns, the building has two aisles, otherwise the word aisle is normally only applied to the narrower side divisions " AGOTIA

  • The wing, as it were, the inward portico on each side of the church , or other such large building, supported by pillars within.

  • This word has been variously written : as Aisle, Isle, Yle, Aile of which the last seems most proper . N.B. Middle Aile seems improper, though commonly used; Side-Aisle sounds like tautology " ECH

Architecture Terms beginning with A

Allee , French

  • An aile: any part of a church left open for walking through . We find the " Dean's alley, " AGOTIA

  • " The Chanter's Alley, " " The Cross- Alley, " & c. in some old surveys of cathedrals.


Almonarium, armarium, almeriola, Latin Al-moire, armoire, French

  • " A cupboard; when by the side of an altar employed to contain the sacred vessels" AGOTIA

  • A cupboard, closet or recess: so called from the hospitable off custom of setting aside cold or broken victuals in a particular place for alms to be given to the poor.

  • The Ambrey, Aumbry or Aumery is still spoken of in the north of England.

  • " Almonry or Aumbry - a room where alms were distributed " AGOTIA

Almery Picture Gallery

Architecture Sketch Almery  Gospel Lectern and Almery in Chaddesden Church, Derbyshire Architecture Drawing, Inspiration for CAPI Students

Architecture Sketch Almery  Gospel Lectern and Almery  Architecture Drawing, Inspiration for CAPI Students

Architecture Terms beginning with A

Alur, Alure, Alura
Aller - French , to go, to walk)

  • " An Alley or a balcony "TTDOGA


Ambulatory or Deambulatory

  • A Gallery, a cloister, an alley SOGA


  • " The semicircular or polygonal termination to the choir or aisles " TTDOGA

Arch - Buttress
Architecture Terms beginning with A

arc boutant, French

  • " an arch springing over the roof of an aile or cloister, and abutting against the wall of a clere-story. It is also called a Flying Buttress and it is applied to the sides of spires, lanterns etc" AGOTIA

  • "  A Buttress, Boterass, Boterace - is a pillar built against a wall to strengthen it "  SOGA


Ashler, Ashlar, Astler, Aslure

  • "Masonary of Stones regularly worked by the chisel , and used for facings or exterior walls. " SOGA

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References or resources for CAPI Students, Architects, Art History and to Create Art Portfolio Ideas
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A Glossary of technical terms in gothic architecture
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A Glossary  of Technical Terms Descriptive of Gothic Architecture
DOTAAA - Dictionary of the Architecture and Archeology of the Middle Ages

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