Grunge Texture Library
Royalty Free Stock Photos of Grunge Textures, Grunge Backgrounds and Grunge Patterns

Grunge Texture Library,Milliande's Royalty Free Stock Photos of Grunge Textures, From Delicate Grunge Textures to Rough , Rust Textures, Grunge Backgrounds and Grunge Patterns for Mixed Media Artists, Game Developers and Graphic Designers

What art supplies does your Muse like to play with? Oil painting, Watercolor Washes or Mixed Media Layers ? Do you prefer Digital Art or traditional Art? It takes all kinds of artform to make the artistic creativity flourish. 

Muses Art Portfolio Ideas and Artist Reference Images at

Inspiration for the creative muse can come in many forms, from many places. Staying wide open to visual experiences for is the lifeblood to contemporary artists

To download Milliande's Art Portfolio Ideas Reference Photos,Free cool Textures ,Clipart, Architecture Sketch Book and Architecture Drawings, Arts and Crafts Project Printables 

  • right click on reference photo and look for the " Save as" command on your windows or mac option panel ( Do no use the copy command as some of these free clipart's contain transparent background layers that can convert into a false black image in the back, instead use save as command)
  • save the art portfolio ideas and reference images , as well as free cool textures for artists file onto your computer harddrive ( TIP: create a folder for your all your images, e.g. kids coloring pages,educational cliparts, cool textures etc so you can easily search for them on your hard drive
  • some computers may also have the option to right click then choose " Open in a new Tab" which lets you print straight from there without having to save ..:-)
  • most of our clipart are best suitable for light coloured website backgrounds due to the fine linear pixelating on dark backgrounds.. so bear in mind when using on your blog

Grunge Texture Library
Royalty Free Stock Photos of Grunge Textures, Grunge Backgrounds and Grunge Patterns

Milliande's Free Cool Textures featuring Grunge Images .. quality background textures for mixed media artists, graphic designers , photographers and game developers .. here our cracked, crumpled, peeled and weather worn textures to grunge up your artworks.

What is Grunge Art ?

Grunge Art Style - Grunge Clip Art - Grunge Art Journaling - Grunge Photography ... these are all different grunge applications . In terms of artistic use , grunge is a tern defining the old , worn , well loved textures that mark the passage of time. In Visual art the random patterns of wear and tear are difficult to simulate and grunge texturses appeal to those artists and designers who wish to add a well worn aged texture to their artwork.

Some Grunge Keywords to sort your textures nto your own personal texture library



straggly,tattered,threadbare,torn,washed out,worn out,worn

CRACKED Textures
Grunge Texture Picturesfrom Milliande's Free Cool Textures Library

Here our library of textures with cracks

Grunge Textures Pictures from Milliande's Free Cool Textures Library

Here our library of crumpled textures

PEELED Textures
Grunge Texture Collection from Milliande's Free Cool Texture Library

Here our library of peeled textures, from peeled paint to peeled bark

RUSTED Textures
Grunge Textures Library from Milliande's Free Cool Textures Library

Here our library of rust pictures, Rust Texture Backgrounds, Milliande's Rust Textures & Rust Patterns for Artists, from Saltwater Rust Textures to Metal Rust in Urban Landscapes, Grunge Textures for Digital Artists, Graphic Designers and Collage Art

Free Cool Textures and Backgrounds at, Cool Textures Free For Artists
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Textures Library 1 - Rust Textures on Blue Metal

Textures Library 2 - Rust Textures on Blue Metal

Texture Library 3 - Rust Textures on Blue Metal

WORN Textures
Grunge Texture from Milliande's Free Cool Textures Library

Here our library of worn textures

A- Z Milliande Artists Reference Photos Library

Artist Reference Photos Library

Free Cool Textures for Artists and Designers

Cool free Textures and vintage clipart at Milliande Printables can be used for 3d modeling, texturing, and rendering. when designing computer games , my daughter is always on the lookout for cool minecraft textures that resemble the real world but can be used as game developer textures. Lots of digital artists use software programs like Photoshop, Corel Painter, Matte Paint and my daughter prefer a japanese drawing program called SAI and for her animations, Toonboom animation Studio. So I am always on the lookout for free sources of textures , vintage clipart, and you can find me with my iphone or camera taking macro shots in the weirdest positions to get the best of free cool textures and backgrounds for 3d modeling, texturing, and rendering. Clipart and Game textures can also be created from stock photos, although some stock photography is not royalty free so issues can arise when using the designs for commercial purposes. Here at milliande printables all ours are free stock photos, some are just thumbnails for inspiration boards, some are high quality stock photos but all are free textures and free texture photos, with our favourite being grunge texture designs that really rough up a vintage photos enjoy and let us know if there are any particular free cool textures, vintage clipart and backgrounds are missing that you would like us to include.. this is a growing collection of free photoshop textures and free background textures or collage artists, digital artists, game developers, animators and traditional mixed media artists.

Milliande's - a place for nurturing Contemporary Artists, from Graphic Designer, Colorist, Artistic Game Developers, Animators, Art School students and Creative Artisans to Digital Painters, Mixed Media Artists, 3-D Design Sculptors, Art Teachers and every creative person in between .. all you need is a "Lifetime of Curiosity"

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Palm Tree Wood Textures Reference Photos

Grunge Texture Library Rust Textur on Blue Metal at

Rust Textures on Blue Metal Grunge Texture Library 1

Rust Textures on Blue Metal Grunge Texture Library 2

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I am intriqued by the notion of universal consciousness and choose to peek closely at the small particles that make up existence.

Human and living form cell biology, the interplay of microcosm and macrocosm, quantumphysics and the spiritual connection to the Self all nurture me with an endless stream of inspiration.

The female form and its nature of being, the beauty of motherhood, viewing the world in fragments rather than wholes and the palpable energy exchange and communication between them are central themes in my artwork.

I enjoy making the invisible visible and creating openended visual artworks that invite the viewer to explore deeper within their own layers of perception.

Contemporary Mixed media art techniques provide a rich playground for my artistic impulses and allow room for an individual approach to the multilayered facets of my artwork.