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Nurturing the Muse
Milliande Art Portfolio Ideas Muse
Milliande Printables and Art Portfolio Ideas for Mixed Media Artists and Art School students at
Free Printable Bird Silhouettes Crows at
Milliande Printables and Art Portfolio Ideas for Mixed Media Artists and Art School students at
Milliande's Favorite Art Supplies

Pens, Pencils & Brushes

~ Stabilo Mark it ALL Pencils

~ Aquash Water Brush

~ Pitt Artist Pens

~ Liquid Ink Roller Pen

~ Graphitint Pencils

~ Copic Original Markers

~ Watersoluble Graphite Crayon

~ Woody 3 in 1 Pencils

Mediums and Glues

~ White Acrylic Gesso

~ Golden Acrylic Mediums
I use Softgel and Matte Medium

Paints and Inks

~ Drawing Ink
in black diluted with water and filled into aqua brush

~ Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Ink
White, for dipping pen

~ Watercolor Artists' Field Box

~ Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics

~ Golden Fluid Acrylic

~ Neocolor Artist's Watercolor Crayons

~ Conté Crayons

~ Tim Holtz Distress Ink Reinker


~ Heat Gun

~Masking Tape


~ Staz-On Ink Pad-Saddle Brown

~Speedball Speedy Carve Blocks

~ Speedball Linoleum Cutters

~ Mastercarve Artist Carving Blocks

~ Golden Linoleum

~ Gray Linoleum

~ Beginner Lino Cutter Set

~ Individual Wood Carving Tools

Milliande Printables and Art Portfolio Ideas for Mixed Media Artists and Art School students at
Copyright for Milliande Printables

Copyright for Milliande Printables

All Milliande Printables are copyrighted to © Milliande LTD , Milliande Ltd is an Angel Company with these Rules ....


-you may print these images to create derivative artworks from it providing you honor the linkware agreement below

-you may offer your derivative artworks for sale providing that you honor the linkware agreement below

-these images are offered as"Linkware" meaning you MUST provide a link back to from your website, blog, art group etc before using these images

-you may also use Milliande Printables in a workshop ,art school, for art portfolio examples , as an art teacher as long as you distribute the full unaltered sheet with Milliande Printables name and copyright notice intact

-You are granted a nonexclusive, non-transferable license to use milliande printable graphics according to the copyright.

-The ownership of the artwork does not transfer to you. Milliande Ltd retains the copyright for all graphics in the milliande printables collections.


-Milliande Printables Graphics may not be given away, shared, (re)sold, or redistributed in any way in whole or in part, in any printed or digital format .. you are welcome to link to these pages to share Milliande Printables

-you may NOT download these images and offer them in any collection on the web or otherwise

-you may NOT upload these images to artgroups etc ..please post a link to here instead

-you may NOT offer any of the images on-line for others to print/download/save or use for any reason...please feel free to post a link to here instead


-Use of any Milliande Printables compilation or image in any form from any source constitutes agreement to these Terms of Use. By using Milliande Printables you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use

-I reserve the right, at my own discretion, to update or revise the Copyright and Terms of Use. Please check the Terms of Use periodically for changes.

How to Navigate Ning Photo Uploads

How to Navigate Ning Photo Uploads,Tutorials for Photo Uploads to ourNing Art Community Art Gallery & Subgroups

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How to Navigate Ning
our Mixed Media Art Community for Women

How to Navigate Ning
Uploading Photos to Subgroups
Milliande Art Community Help Guides
~ Our Art Community for Women is hosted by NING ..a provider of a social networking platform

~ Sometimes it can seem like a maze navigating all the different passages and subgroups, art galleries and blog spaces in our ning community

~ Here I would like to share some video guides on "How to Ning" .... little tips for successfully navigating some of the common areas of our art community

~ enjoy
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How to Upload Photos into Our Subgroups
How to Ning Milliande Art Community Help Guides
*** What is a Subgroup ?

~ Each of the Subgroups in our community has a particular art theme/topic that the group focus is on ( the art journalers, the print makers, the needle queens, the altered artisans , the mixed media hues .etc)

~ Each subgroup features discussions , art gallery spaces and possible challenges /art prompts that that members can freely participate in

~ members of our art community can join any of the subgroups that resonate with them

~ you can take a look at ALL our subgroups here
*** What Images can I upload to the Subgroups ?

~ Any artwork that respects our community guidelines

~ Only images of Art created by you may be uploaded

~ Milliande Art Community does value the artistic expression of all forms, including nudity and the human form HOWEVER Ning Guidelines
do not permit us to allow imaged containing ANY FORM OF NUDITY on the ning platform so PLEASE DO NOT upload any images containing aspects of nudity ...
we have a seperate blog called " Operation Figleaf" where we have provided space for art images containing elements of nudity to be shared

~ Only images that a relevant to the theme of the Subgroup ( ie art journal pages in the Art Journalers group, Altered Art in the Altered Artisans subgroup etc)

~ Images that are uploaded to any of the subgroups will NOT appear in the main Art Gallery just in the subgroup thread

*** How Many Pictures Can I Upload?

~ you can upload as many photos as you like into the relevant discussion thread of each subgroup . If you partake in our art promot challenges -- find the iscussion thread fo the right prompt ..then upload under that thread

~ pictures uploaded into the subgroups will NOT appear in the main community Art Gallery . If you like to display them in both, you may upload them in both places .

*** Sizes and Format of Pictures to Upload

~ to keep uploading smooth and viewable for people on all kinds of internet connections from slow to fast and to lower bandwidth for photo storage
please make sure your photos are

~ supported photo formats are .jpg, .png, .gif

~ a maximum of 100 MB in Size

~ saved in 72dpi for easy web viewing ( not in high resolution 300 dpi etc)

~ You can resize Images
( using Photoshop, Gimp a free program, or Pixlr a webresizer, or Webresizer etc)
you can google youtube for free tutorials to gimp and pixlr

~ add your Title and Description, containing information about what art materials you used , maybe what inspired you to aid in communication with our members and encourage discussion in our community

~ you may upload 5 images per day - giving all members a change to have their arwork appear on the front pages

~ pictures of your art are encouraged, please do not share family photos, pets etc in our art gallery

*** How do I upload Pictures?

here are 2 video tutorials on how to upload a photo to our ning community subgroups

How to Navigate Ning Uploading Photos to Subgroups

Part 1

Part 2


**FAQ & Troubleshooting

If you are having issues uploading photos

please check that

~ supported photo formats are .jpg, .png, .gif ... any other formats are not supported by Ning

~ You have ENABLED cookies on your computer.

~ upgrade to the latest Firefox browser - Internet Explorer is known to have issues with the ning platform

~ upgrade your flash player & javascript on your computer

~ check your firewall is not blocking