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Mixed Media Templates

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Mixed Media

milliande printables and collage images header

Seasonal Templates


~ Egg templates
...several hen egg shapes to print,
...egg sets and egg collage images


~ Easter egg pattern to print

...several easter egg shapes,
...egg shaped book or journal



christmas tree template

christmas dog templates
patterns of christmas dog coloring pages


Art Community Prompts Templates
Milliande Art Community for Women at Ning
A Template section for Milliande Art Community for Women at Ning Art Prompts ( what is our community all about ... read an introduction here

Art Prompt Templates

~ 4 colors i love Template


~Christmas Line Art

christmas printables and coloring pages for mixed media line art
~Christmas Dog Templates

patterns of christmas dog coloring pages

~ Vintage Dress Pattern 1950's
vintage dress patterns of the 1950's era

~ Vintage Wedding Dress Pattern 1950's

vintage dress patterns of the 1950's era

~ Easter egg pattern to print
several easter egg shapes, egg shaped book or journal

~ Egg templates
several hen egg shapes to print, egg sets and egg collage images



~ I hope you enjoyed the selection of templates to print

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